Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Down the town and back

Walking into town through a throng of tourists.  Down by the pier it was quite slow getting past all the brummies getting to ready to head back to the Midlands.

Photo experiment

Found an old camera out this morning that I haven't seen for a couple of years.  Thought it was a chance to try it out and see what results it comes up with.  This one is using the facility to pick a colour and anything else comes out monochrome.  Seems to work OK.

At six o'clock their Mummy's and Daddy's ........

Time to go home.  The coaches are ling up alongside the prom to take the day trippers home.

More Graffiti

Seen on a wall near the town centre.  Nice job this one by JPS, a local 'sprayer'.  Pity some one has defaced it with a red line through.  Strange that we should be troubled that graffiti has been vandalised!

Covered a leisurely 3.3 miles today.

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