Sunday, 13 August 2017

Sand Point near Weston

Nice warm sunny morning, time for another walk.  Took a short drive north from Weston to the next bay, Sand Bay and on the far side is a National Trust property called Sand Point.  Numerous footpaths criss cross the place so we had a good wander around.

Birnbeck Pier

A view to the south from one of the higher points of the peninsula called Sand Point.  Birnbeck Pier at Weston in the middle distance with Brean Down behind it. 

Tread Carefully!

During World War II, weapons were tested at Sand Point together with the pier which was commissioned 'HMS Birnbeck' by the Admiralty.  This was part of the Dept. of Miscellaneous Weapons Development.  Some of the buildings constructed for this research have now been removed but some still remains behind an impressive wire fence.  The site is now used by QinetiQ as an explosive and shock test facility.  This probably explains this notice displayed nearby.

Looking towards Clevedon.

Not too evident in the far distance looking north east, Clevedon town.  One of the little pebble bays in the foreground.

Middle Hope

This is the name given to one of the bigger bays on Sand Point.  Another very stoney beach.

A lovely three mile walk up hill and down dale.

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