Saturday, 12 August 2017

Around St Georges 3

Not a bad morning so Sue and I went a walk around St Georges, a part of Weston we don't know well at all.  It is a newish housing estate but borders on a nice bit of countryside alongside the River Banwell.  A bit of a trudge through the estate but worth it in the end.


The corn is certainly ripening in these parts.  This field of barley looks about ready to be harvested.

River Banwell

This little river starts in Banwell village and comes from several springs by the church.  This fed a pool nearby but this was capped in 1915 despite local objections.  The pool is now the village bowling green!  From the village it runs NE through the St Georges area of Weston and into the Bristol Channel. 

A 2.7 mile circuit finishing up at MacDonalds where the car was parked.  Time for coffee and a doughnut then!

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