Monday, 3 July 2017

Event training around Wendover. 43

With an event, the Great Western Ride, coming up in a couple of weeks, the training for it is going OK, despite a fortnight on holiday.  Three other Old Gits are going to do it and they asked me to sort out a reasonable route to help them get up to speed.  One that has been used before with visitors from the Midlands, and another Old Git is around Wedmore and over to Burnham that has some hilly bits in it, and retraces the final part of the event itself.  The plan was to do this and include two tea stops.

Ashton Windmill

Only the one photo opportunity, at this windmill on the way to Wedmore.  It was a bit overcast at this point and rain was threatening.  This unique 18th Century flour mill stands on the 'Isle of Wedmore', a ridge giving commanding views of Cheddar Gorge, the Somerset Levels and Brent Knoll. A mill os mentioned on this site as far back as 1317.  Although it last worked in 1927, the mill has been carefully restored by the local council.  From left to right, Dave, Keith and Pete trying to look athletic!  A local chap thought that we might run into rain later but thankfully that did not happen.

We carried on through Wedmore only to find that the Sweets cafe, near Westhay, was closed.  "Oh golly gosh" we exclaimed, "off to Burnham then".  This meant riding across the Levels in a westerly direction, the one that a strongish wind was coming from.  That was challenging.  After a tea stop at the Bay View Cafe in Burnham, (how did you manage faggots and mashed potato Keith?) rode back to Weston with 43 miles under our belt.  A good session that should stand us in good stead for the main event.

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