Saturday, 22 July 2017

Churchill and Rickford 36

On last week's Great Weston Ride, passed a very interesting photogenic building at Rickford near Burrington.  This building has been displayed on a few photos promoting North Somerset and is well worth looking at.  That is the mission for today as well as getting some bits of hills in ready for the Myton Hospice Challenge in August.  Almost cancelled today when it poured with rain just when it was time to leave, but the longer range forecast was for showers rather than the heavy stuff that appeared, so worth the risk.  Went out through Puxton, Sanford and onto the A38 at Churchill.  Turned round at Rickford and climbed part of the Mendips (reached 350') before descending back to Sanford, Banwell and back to Weston.


The village of Rickford is very close to Burrington Combe where there is evidence of occupation since Neolithic times, the Bronze Age and Roman periods.  The building I was after was a 19th century Methodist chapel which has since been converted into a Masonic Lodge.  A stream has been managed to form a small lake on the east side of the building.

The Pantry at Winscombe

With a bit of climbing, and 25 miles on the clock, it was time to stock up.  Have seen this little tea room in Winscombe a few times now so best give it a try.  A nice little place, in a converted house by the look of it, they did a nice beans on brown bread toast and tea that went down very well.  Sat outside and polished it off and finished just as it started raining.  By the time the waterproof top was on, it had stopped!

Dear Council.........

Reaching the outskirts of Weston, joined the excellent network of cycle paths that lead through the town.  One downside is, the maintenance of them leaves (pun not intended) a lot to be desired in some places and this is an example.  At this time of year, brambles are stretching themselves all over the place and at face height, can cause quite bad scratches if not avoided.  If reporting problems to the council they do ask for photographs.  I think this one will do.  The bush in the foreground is a dog rose, another plant with nasty thorns on.

Clocked up 36 miles today, a few over the 100 target.  Job done and stayed dry throughout.  Got back in time to see the Tour de France as well, with Froomey all but securing the 'maillot jaune'.

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