Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Old Gits never made Cheddar 26

Out with the Old Gits, just 9 this week. Last week, it was decided to pay a visit to Cheddar Gorge, on top of our normal route.  This always goes down fairly well, a change of scenery and an extra tea stop!  Unfortunately, the weather forecast was a bit grim with showers forecast late morning and heavy rain lunchtime.  A quick straw poll before we started and it was agreed unanimously that it would be best to cancel the extended ride and schedule a Cheddar trip later in the year.  The weather, as it turned out was not too bad but definitely not worth the risk.

The Strawberry Line.

This part of the ride is always a pleasure to ride down.  More so at this time of year with the new greenery at its finest.  Old Git Gord helping out by agreeing to pose in the shot.

Another good ride out with the 'lads'.  Covered 26 miles today.

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