Monday, 1 May 2017

Inaugural ride on the Weston to Brean cycle track 15

Its not Tuesday, it's May 1st, Bank Holiday Monday.  Despite that, the Old Gits are meeting up to take part in the inaugural ride of a new cycle/walking path that runs between Weston and Brean Down.  Long overdue, the local cycle path group have organised the OGs to take part in this 'celebration', just because we can.  Starting from Weston Pier the track will run along the prom to Uphill, through the nature reserve crossing the River Axe at a sluice gate.  (this has been padlocked for years and only been released a couple of weeks ago.)  On then to Brean itself.

Chaos at the gates

A good job the Old Git's group left early from the prom.  Getting through the gates to the Bleadon Nature reserve is not the easiest of tasks and when 15 plus try to do it a real bottle jam is created.  This with just us lot, let alone the hoards behind us.  It would have been prudent to unlock and keep open the big 5 bar gate but hindsight etc.  Still, we had fun doing it.

Bleadon Nature Reserve

The Old Gits enjoying the newly laid path through the reserve, a vast improvement on the rough track that it replaced.

Through the gate

The oldest Git, recently recovering from an illness, making his way through the newly opened gate.

Say 'Cheese' time

A group photo of the Gits, with guests, on the Brean side of the River Axe.  A few comments were made about the recently erected fence, the feature is supposed to represent driftwood.  Looks more like 'I have left my spirit level at home'.

Time for tea

Ended up at the National Trust Cafe at Brean Down.  It was very busy there and some of the group went to another watering hole just down the road.  Very pleasant having a chin wag in the sun.

Near the summit of Brian Down

Five of us decided to extend the trip to include going up and along Brean Down.  It was necessary to push the bikes up the first section of path but worth the effort when we got to the top.  Fine views behind us over Weston Bay.

 Well, that was something different.  The weather was excellent, and although the track is not completed and not officially opened, it was clear that it would be a real asset to walkers and cyclists in the future, chopping 4 miles off the journey and taking foot and two wheel traffic off the busy roads.  15 miles covered today,

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