Saturday, 15 April 2017

Usual jaunt to Burnham on Sea 29

Riding out to Burnham to get the mileage up above the weekly target.  Went out after lunch in the sunshine although there was a stiff breeze coming off the sea.  Being a holiday weekend, there was noticeably more traffic on the road, especially heading to and from Brian, the caravan capital of the universe.

Vintage Rally

As I left home, noticed there was a vintage car rally down on the Beach Lawns that border the promenade.  Thought it was worth a quick look and saw this fine old steam engine puffing away.  The engine, named 'Sonsie Quine' was made in 1920 by Clayton and Shuttleworth and is currently owned by Crosville, the coach firm.  It was in immaculate nick.
It was too busy to wander around the rest of the, mainly, cars but there looked to be a wealth of Ford Carpris, Austin Maxis and A40s, MGBs and the ubiquitous (well used to be) minis.

Nesting Swans

The route to Burnham normally goes over the Somerset Levels and today was no exception.  Just before the village of Mark, on the Vole Road, noticed that a pair of swans had returned to a nesting site they have used for the last couple of years.  Will watch these with interest to see how many eggs hatch out.  Not a terribly good photo unfortunately as they are more tucked away behind the reeds than normal.

Weekly target achieved, completed 105 after doing 29 miles today.

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