Monday, 17 April 2017

Churchill Circuit 32

Easter Bank Holiday Monday, expecting the roads to be quite busy so going to hide away in the country lanes around Churchill to the east of Weston.  Going out their via Banwell, Puxton and Sanford and back through Winscombe, Loxton and Bleadon.  Nice day for it, a bit of breeze and a bit of sunshine.  

Strawberry Line

Heading back to Weston by a roundabout way to include the Strawberry Line.  At the old Sanford Station, there is a little heritage museum and a tea room.  There were loads of cyclists in both and after waiting for ages for tea and a bun, gave up and carried on.  Thought it odd that the Strawberry Line was devoid of cyclists but realised, they are all in the cafe!


M5 busy again.

After Loxton went over the M5 motorway and noticed the traffic heading north was almost tail to tail.  All the holiday makers ending the long break in the south west of England.  Couldn't help but feel a bit smug watching them creep slowly along.

A good ride today, 32 miles in all.

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