Thursday, 23 March 2017

To Stoneleigh for a Charity ride 27

Up in the Midlands for a couple of days and taking a little bit of time out to do something for Comic Relief, an annual national fund raising event to raise money for disadvantaged people both at home and abroad.  Mick has latched onto a charity cycle ride from Lands End to John O'Groats, done over a 3 day period by as many volunteers as possible.  The event was held at the National Agriculture Centre cafe at Stoneleigh so Graham and I rode out there to meet Mick and do our bit.

My turn on the wheel!

We agreed to do 15 minutes each, around 5 miles and this is Mick on the left and Graham making sure that the settings on the bike were set correctly before trudging off.  The staff managing this said that 450 miles had been covered to this time so that would put us travelling through the middle of Glasgow!  The Comic Relief headgear was optional and was discarded after the photoshoot!

Spring is nearly here, honest

Riding back through Leamington stopped to admire the daffodils near to the Victoria Park.  Although it was not too warm today, with a cold NE wind, the sun was poking through and there was a definite spring feel in the air.  Long may it continue.

27 miles today.  2.5 not recorded because the phone was not turned on at the start.  19.5 miles was recorded plus, of course, the 5 mile on the exercise bike, which in actual fact raised the old pulse rate a bit.

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