Friday, 24 March 2017

A ride around Wrington 27

Taking a spin out to Wrington today.  Last time I went there, the tea rooms were closed and a cup of tea at a burger bar was the best that was on offer.  Went to have a look around the town centre of Weston first, to find some graffiti (street art some would say) that is in the area where the older shops are.  Then it will be Congresbury, along the side of the Mendips to Wrington for tea, and back through Sanford and Banwell.

The General Lee

One of the 'stars' of the TV series the Dukes of Hazard, the General Lee was a 1969 Dodge Charger used by the Duke family.  Here it is, rather miniaturised unfortunately, on the side of a toy store in Weston, in rather a familiar barrel roll heading for the mudguard on the bike.

Captain America - Not!

More street art seen on a boarded up shop, again in the older part of town.  I'm sure this is how the President of the USA must see himself, not so sure the rest of the world does.

Wrington Tea Room 

The aptly named Little Red Beetle is a tea room and craft shop in Wrington.  Aptly named looking at the car the owner drives!

Good ride out today. Still a chilly NE wind but at least it was dry.

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