Thursday, 30 March 2017

Taking the train to Taunton 35

Forecast today was this was going to be the warmest day off the year so far and they were spot on.  No need for layers and gloves today, the only mistake made was not wearing shorts.  Caught the train to Taunton and cycled back.  Noticed that my senior railcard had expired by a couple of days so renewed it on line, made sure there was the email conformation to show them and the ticket lady refused it.  Had to have the valid card or the conductor would not accept it.  Paid the full price and the conductor told me he would have accepted the e-mail.  Grrrr

Taunton Castle

Originating in Norman times, the castle has had a few alterations in its time and is now a Grade 1 listed building which houses a museum.  Some outer sections of the building are now a hotel.  Several people I spoke to nearby said the museum was very good and well worth a visit.  And its free!


The legendary 'Sword of Arthur' is embedded in this rock behind the Castle.   Not clear why it is here although legend has it the sword was thrown into a lake near to Glastonbury which is about 20 miles away.  There are a few towns in the south west of England that claim to be the home of Arthur.  The bottom line is, I couldn't pull the sword out so I won't be King of England.

River Tone

Near the sword in the stone, I met Daniel and his Mum who were out for a cycle ride.  They gave me directions to the A38 avoiding a busy dual carriageway section and escorted me along the nearby canal and pointed me towards the River Tone and a cycle track that runs alongside it.  Thanks Daniel, that was a very pretty and pleasant diversion away from the busy road.

Public Library!

Getting off the A38 for a time, took a diversion through the village of Thurloxton.  At the centre of the village near a crossroads, spotted this telephone kiosk that has been converted into a book swap.  The writing on the doors says, 'Thurloxton Book Exchange'.  What a brilliant idea and a sensible use of these now redundant boxes.  Funny enough, this is the second one spotted this week.

That was a good ride, clocked up 35 miles today.

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