Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Old Gits on Reverse Route 24

With the Old Gits riding the alternative route to the Caffle's Garden Centre and back.  Another nice day was forecast and with 14 riders starting from the north end of the prom, 'a splendid time was guaranteed for all'.  What Beatles song is that from then?

Hewish Signal Box

Just before going into the coffee stop, took a small diversion to check out this old signal box on the Taunton to Bristol line.  Long since been made redundant, the building has been converted into a private dwelling although an unmanned level crossing is a few yards away.  Photo has been taken to show the magnificent display of daffodils and hyacinths that the owners have troubled to make.  I thought this was the River Oldbridge running by but the maps show it as a new drainage ditch or rhyne.

Mind your head!

A shot of the same building from a different angle on the other side of the tracks.  Just started to compose the picture when the alarms sounded, the lights flashed and the barrier started coming down. A rapid repositioning then took place to get out of the way.  The injury would have been lessened because wearing a cycle helmet would have reduced the damage!

A good day out today, covered 24 miles in total.

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