Monday, 6 February 2017

Windy Weston Wander 13

Did not go too far today.  Under estimated how cold it was to be honest.  Just did a shortish trip around the NE of the town where a new cycle path was discovered a couple of weeks ago whilst out with the Old Gits.  Looks like there is more to be discovered when the summer arrives.


Not a big fan to be honest of this fast food giant.  After just over 8 miles, 6 riding into a brisk north wind, the temperature was a lot less than had been anticipated.  Coming off the St Georges housing estate, the big golden arches sign beckoned me into their clutches and a coffee and donut later, I was in a much better state to make my way home.  Good move as it turned out, because, just as home was reached, it started raining.

A modest 13 miles today. 

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