Sunday, 26 February 2017

A Loop around Loxton 24

Need to get a ride in this morning of just over 23 miles to get the 100 miles for the week.  I did notice one of the Old Gits has just started using Strava, the GPS sports app, and he did one yesterday along a route I had never considered before but looked interesting enough to try some of it out.  Basically it was out to Banwell via Hutton, over to Sanford and take the Strawberry Line to Winscombe carrying on through Loxton, Lympsham and East Brent before returning to Weston.

Deserted Strawberry Line

Turned off the main road into Sandford to get on the Strawberry Line near the old station.  Normally, the Old Gits travel along this but in the opposite direction and it was surprising how much the slope upwards is.  Never noticed travelling south to north, but the opposite, the way the photo is pointed, was not challenging but you knew you were riding uphill.  In the couple of miles travelled on it today, just saw 1 dog walker (the dog was a mainly white spaniel and it was plastered in mud) and a jogger.  Unusual for a weekend.  Good job the mountain bike was used today with all the mud around.

A bit windy from Loxton to Lympsham but a nice tailwind after that all the way into Weston.  Covered just over 24 miles in all making a total of just under 104 for the week.  Job done.

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