Friday, 6 January 2017

Climb to Canada Combe 12

Not very nice out there today!  Not too cold but very murky and steady rain.  At least it wasn't windy.  The road bike is in for repair and service, it will need a new chain, a new cassette and some other bits and pieces.  Won't see that now till Wednesday next so relegated to the old mountain bike.  Overdue for a bit of hill training so its climb over Bleadon Hill and zoom down Canada Combe time.

Brent Knoll in the gloom 

View from the top of Bleadon hill looking over towards North Devon, Brent Knoll is the lump to the left of centre.  Looking from the Roman Road at a height of around 400 feet.  Taken with my iPhone, must sort out that annoying shadow at the top left, caused by an ill fitting case that just encroaches over the camera lens.

A cheeky little 12 miles today.

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