Saturday, 21 January 2017

Brent Knoll - Brrrrrrrr 20

A bit chilly out there today after a fairly hard frost last night.  Could not have got much above freezing all morning.  Certainly a fair amount of white on the road in the sheltered parts of the minor roads.  First port of call was into Weston town to get some hand warmers, the disposable kind.  Will need them today.  Sorted them out but after 4 miles, hands were still cold.  Considered taking them back later.

Birnbeck Pier

The owner and council are still arguing over this derelict old pier, the only one in the UK that goes from the mainland to an island.  Many more storms and Mother Nature will settle the dispute.  Riding out towards the Levels, the old fingers were a bit numb so stopped off at the general hospital, not for the emergency department but the canteen for 15 mins to warm up a bit. Ready to carry on, the warmers were doing their job so not a problem.

Lympsham Village shop.

Heading back from East Brent, fancied a drink but could not think of anywhere handy.  Just on the off chance called in at this shop and they do tea or coffee for a pound.  Bargain.  Good timing, the lady was just closing the shop so a packet of shortbread biscuits and the coffee later carried on for the last 5 miles.  Look at that sky by the way.  In fact it was quite pleasant sitting outside in the sun.

Clocked 20 miles today.


  1. Hi Ken
    The answer to cold hands is two pairs of gloves, a thin pair on first snd then the thicker pair. Gloves like Thinsulate are really effective.
    Keep riding

  2. Good point Mick. I had left my thin cotton ones behind although sometimes, wearing two pairs seems to impair the circulation. We have Reynaud's Disease (sounds awful, but its poor circulation to the extremities) in the family which doesn't help.