Monday, 30 January 2017

A Wander around Weston 13

A modest spin out today.  Used the mountain bike and just pootled around some of the roads in Weston that aren't on the normal routes in and out of the town.  Good exercise actually as the northern part of the town is quite hilly so used some calories up today.  Compared to last week, the weather is quite mild, in double figures, which makes a nice change.

Birnbeck Pier

This one has been on a few times now.  It is still dilapidated and bits are still falling off it.  Looks like something out of an Alfred Hitchcox film in the murky conditions of today.

Prince Consort Gardens

An area of peace and quiet overlooking the old pier and Weston Bay, these gardens were created in the 1860s in memory of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's old man.  The views are excellent from here and explains the large number of memorial benches around the park.

Marine Causeway

A barrier that creates a small lake near the Knightstone Island development.  Not too far from the town centre, this is a popular beach for tourists with youngsters.  With Weston having the second highest rise and fall of tide in the world, the sea does go out a long way and this ensures the kids have somewhere to swim and paddle.

Brean Down

This National Trust area is not an island although from some angles it does look like one.  It is actually the western end of the Mendip hills.  Once a steep climb is made onto the plateau on top it is a lovely place to spend on a summer afternoon.  At the seaward end of it is a disused fort that was built in the 1800s to give protection to the Severn Estuary from anybody who dares come near our little island with intent to take us over.

Just 13 miles today although some decent hills were on part of the ride.  

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