Friday, 4 November 2016

Up the Bleadon Hill 10

Overdue for a bit of hill training, the back feels OK so heading for Bleadon for a trip over the top. The highest point is about 480 feet above sea level so that should be a reasonable workout.  The weather was atrocious first thing this morning but the afternoon, to paraphrase George Formby, 'Turned out nice again'.

View from the top

A good steady climb to the highest point but well rewarded with a view over the Somerset Levels looking towards North Devon.  The 'lump' just right of centre is Brent Knoll and the shot was photobombed by a horse.  Going down the other side was a little bit dodgy as there were a few wet leaves about on the steep downward sections through the trees..

A good ride, well worth the effort.  Covered 10 plus miles.

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