Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Burnham Browse 26

Not a bad day out there at all today.  The wet weather seems to have moved away and a chance to get the road bike out.  A couple of days ago there was a post about some street art in Burnham that may have been done by a French artist.  An e-mail to the hotel revealed that the artist was staying there at the time that Burnham was having a street art festival so, artists being artists, he joined in.  Took a trip down there today to see if there was anymore art about.

Who says?

On the way to Burnham, called in at the Weston General Hospital to see one of the Old Gits.  In fact, John is the Oldest Git at 84 years old, and has been in hospital for a few weeks now.  Unfortunately he had a tummy bug and was unable to have any visitors so that will have to be put off for a few days.    Outside the ward, could not find any cycle racks so had to ignore this sign and lock the Peugeot to it

A bit early

This house owner at Lympsham believes in Christmas big time.  Just past the middle of November and he is getting his garden ready for the forthcoming season.  In all fairness, it is a good show, he puts a lot of effort into it and there is a collection tin for charity.  Didn't put anything in, will leave that for when it is working properly.

Street Art

Had a look around some of the side streets in Burnham and found these two examples of street art that have appeared since the festival.  Strange thing is, you could be locked up for doing this in different circumstances!

 A good ride today.  26 miles covered.

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