Sunday, 20 November 2016

Burnham for tea and toast 27

The weather has been atrocious this last couple of days with winds, heavy rain and thunder storms of all things. In November!  Just what is going on?  Much calmer today so ideal to go out and go for at least 25 miles to make up the weekly total.  Usual route to Burnham on Sea, well I say usual, a couple of slight variations which was good because it looked like no chance of any photos today but came upon a good piece of street art.  See below.

Victoria Hotel

Seen on the side of an outbuilding, part of the Victoria Hotel.  This pub/restaurant/bed and breakfast is in Victoria Street Burnham, the art is in Princess Street.  The building depicted in the cat's mouth is painted to represent the actual hotel. Searching the 'tag' Bragalast1, it would appear that he is a French artist from Marseilles.  Must have stayed here this year. 

Enjoyed that ride, used the mountain bike and cleaned it on return as it had got really mucky overt he last two trips out.  Covered just over 27 miles in the end making the week's total, 102.

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