Thursday, 20 October 2016

Stuck at Home!

Haven't been able to get out this week due to a bad back!  Monday, lifted down the mountain bike from the eye level it is stored at (A daily task) and felt a muscle in the lower back strain.  Had this before so fully aware that rest and recuperation are the answer so this week has been spent watching daytime TV (do people really do this all the time?), dosing up on painkillers and applying regular hot compresses.
It must be bad, did not go out with the Old Gits or travel up to Leamington this week. Making a little progress but may need a few more days yet.  Getting bored now.
Just been trawling through some old photographs and noticed a few that have not been published before.  These might liven this page up a bit.

Old Gits Peleton

Not sure when this was taken but seeing the blue sky and an abundance of cow parsley in the hedgerows, it has to be early summer.  Is it my imagination or can you feel the heat coming off the road?

Caffles Garden Centre

Taken before the revamp to the outside decking area.  Cannot be winter with coats hanging up outside.

Dolphin Square Weston

Taken by the main library in April, this is the shell of the new shopping centre and cinema that is going up.

That's all folks.

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