Sunday, 16 October 2016

Burnham Bash 30

A nice autumnal morning, good for a ride down to Burnham and get some miles in.  Bit of a southerly wind which should help on the journey back.  Travelled the normal route, across the Somerset Levels to Mark, then cut across to Highbridge for a cup of tea at the prom cafe in Burnham.

Made me smile

Nothing much to photograph at all this morning until, going down the side road between East Huntspill and West Huntspilyl, suddenly saw this cheeky looking scarecrow peering over a large gate.  It came right out of the blue, there are no competitions on round here, and it did make me chuckle.  Little things please little minds as my old Mum used to say.

Another Road Closure

It did seem very quiet on the B4130 Brent Road north of Brent Knoll.  Here is the reason why.  Closed for 3 weeks.  At least the contractors had fllled in a small section of the trench to allow cycles and pedestrians through.  The dark clouds were rather ominous but apart from a few spots, the rain held off.

30 miles covered, taken the week's total over the target. Result

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