Thursday, 6 October 2016

Short and sweet 5

Not much time today.  Went out for a quick spin tonight to take some photos of the Beach Bike Race circuit and to load my bike into the car ready for a weekend in the Isle of Wight.  Just went down the prom and back at a nice leisurely pace, enjoying the views of the sunset.

Emergency vehicles only

A few of the ramps/jumps are built around large plastic pipes.  This is to allow emergency vehicles and staff to gain access to any accidents or casualties that may occur.  Saw them used a fair bit last year.  Will miss out this time busy soaking up the atmos at a Blues Festival on the Isle of Wight!

Dunlop Bridge

Every race circuit has one, even if it is a blow up one.  I think this is where the riders enter the beach to head for the race start.  


This is from the Marine Lake at the northern end of the beach. The island is Steep Holme, an uninhabited rock in the Bristol Channel.  Brean Down to the left.

The kayaker

Just the one lady kayaking on the Marine Lake.  A popular place for board surfers and canoeists as it is a very safe place to practice, totally unaffected by the tides.

Just over 5 today.  Bike all packed ready to go, hopefully, the next pictures will be from the Isle of Wight.

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