Sunday, 9 October 2016

Jimi Hendrix Experience 7

Not doing much after yesterday's 'crash'.  A bit sore in the nether regions but the target today is to get to see a statue of Jimi Hendrix which is at Freshwater near to the site of the IOW music festival.  Only about 3 miles from Yarmouth, this should be eminently achievable, aches and pains willing!  There does look like a good cycle path down to Freshwater Bay so will try that and return by a different route.

Bridle Path

An excellent way to get from Yarmouth to Freshwater Bay, this bridle path follows the path of the River Yar and is very flat.  At least somewhere is on the Isle of Wight.  Very busy with walkers (one who moaned as I went by that 'This is supposed to be a footpath'. No point on wasting energy pointing out the error of that statement.  Much of the 3 mile track was as per the photo with glimpses of wading birds on the river's edge. (More sandpipers Mick?).  No cyclists to run into today!

Freshwater Bay

A delightful cove on the south west coast of the island, this is where the Jimi Hendrix Statue is located.  Freshwater is also the birthplace of Sir Robert Hooke, a british phycsist of the 17th century. Tennyson lived here for a time and the IOW music festival started around these parts and led to bigger festivals, notably in 1970, which was bigger than Woodstock and attracted 600,000 visitors. It led to an Act of Parliament governing festivals.

Jimi Hendrix

Acclaimed as one of the greatest musicians ever, Hendrix had a huge effect on music with his innovative use of sound amplifiers and effects coupled with an incredible talent as a musician.  He died shortly after the 1970 IOW festival after asphyxiation in the bath of a friend.  A sad loss.  This statute was placed in the garden of Dimbola Lodge in 2006.

Dolphin Tree

A very clever use of an old tree stump.  This is in the garden of a house in Copse Lane Freshwater.  Would not have chosen this way back if the size of the hills had been taken into account.  Should have gone back via the cycle path.
PS  Look at that sky!

Nice and easy 7 plus miles today.  Below the target for the week but never mind.