Saturday, 8 October 2016

Cowes Crash! 31

The target today was to reach Cowes on the northern part of the island with a hope that the hills would be less severe. They were - a bit.  Another good day for cycling, overcast but no rain forecast and a slight easterly breeze.

Yarmouth Harbour

The accommodation we are at is only a few yards from the Ferry Terminal at Yarmouth so that seems a good place to start.  And what better place than the Harbour Office.  Not much to do in there today, it all seems fairly quiet.

IOW Ferry

This is one of the ones that we came across on yesterday.  It is fairly small but surprising how many cars they managed to squeeze onto it. It is a RORO (Roll On Roll Off ) type which meant we were last on yesterday and last off.  Very well organised though, even better with a mini restaurant on board.  Only took about 30 mins to actually get across to the island.

Into Cowes

Rather than take the main road from Yarmouth to Cowes, spotted a sign for cycle path along the coast road.  Not really a road along the coast, but it was a lot quieter and more scenic that the main road.  This is the view entering the west of Cowes, with the mainland across the Solent. A bit of a shock, there was a 1 in 5 hill to negotiate just before this point.  Must confess, had to walk that one.


Cowes is famous for its annual yachting regatta held in the August of each year.  The population doubles during this week! This regatta is the oldest to one in the world.  There is also a powerboat race a short time afterwards. The task now is to find somewhere to have a break.

Beware the gun

A nice ride entering into Cowes along the sea wall.   Chatted to a couple of veteran cyclists who tried to talk me into taking part in the annual round the island ride. "Its only 62 miles and a bit undulating." I don't think so, these undulations are too mountainous for my liking.  They also told me that the IOW is internationally known for its cycling, reaching in the top ten in the Lonely Planet Guide.  There was a notice near these cannons, 'Be wary of loud noises when the cannon starts races'.  Hopefully, all these do not go off at once but are only there for the decoration.

Tea and Belgium Bun

Found somewhere, just off the harbour.  Not a bad deal, £2.65 for tea and a bun.  The only criticism, there needed to more currants in the bun.  Checking out the best way to get to Newport, the next place on the way back to Yarmouth, found out there is a dedicated cycle path ( NCP 23) between the two towns which runs on the path of a disused railway line. That will do.
There is more to this:-  The path was arrow straight apart from one little bend just before Newport.  A blind bend. What happened next?  There was a crash, me, head on with a young lady travelling in the opposite direction.  We both ended up in a heap, our bikes locked together. Some bumps and bruises (thank you cycle helmet) and a bent brake lever.  Not serious enough to prevent riding further fortunately.  Might feel it tomorrow though.

With the phone losing battery power, did not take any more photos though there was opportunity with some good subjects.  Just over 31 miles covered today.

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  1. Fab pictures, I'm enjoying your Isle of Wight adventures