Saturday, 1 October 2016

Brean for the Ho Down 29

Riding down to Burnham today and returning through Berrow and Brean.  There is an annual meeting of Wild West enthusiasts there this week so should find subjects for this blog.  Not a bad day again weatherwise.  The wind was a bit chilly at first but it soon warmed up.

Getting Ready

There is a big motorcycle meeting taking place on the beach in Weston next weekend and preparations have started already.  I noticed this activity before I left home so took a little detour to see them unloading all the fences which are being brought in by artics.  Expect more of this stuff this week!

Thanks Folks

Rode out through Mark and Highbridge before stopping for a cup of tea in Burnham.  On the way back through Brean there was a number of Wild West costumes in evidence, I thought these were the best.  Down from Birmingham for the weekend, hopefully they will have a rootin' tootin' time.

Heap big trouble ahead

Nearby was this big figure of a native American Indian.  He did not have far to look to spot the Palefaces this week.  Not sure why he has sticks of dynamite in his left hand though.

Good ride today, exceeded the weekly target with 29miles recorded today.  Just made it home on time, it poured with rain just after I got back.

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