Friday, 9 September 2016

Burnham - usual route 31

Travelling to the Midlands today for a family function, there is time for a spin out though. The wind has changed, from the south today so going to head into it for the first half and that should make it easy on the way back.  Choosing a pretty standard route down onto the Somerset Levels, across to Burnham for a cuppa and then zoom back.

When you least want it!

On the way to the village of Mark there was a lot of cow dung on the road, very fresh, very messy, so much so it was difficult to manouvre through it without getting spattered!  A bit further on, there was the reason, some farmer shifting his cattle from the fields to his yard. Got held up for 5/10 minutes or so which he apologised for, but it was no big deal really, it was quite entertaining to see the process especially when they tried to turn back.

Made it through in one clean piece and knocked up 31 miles, getting back in plenty of time to make it up to Rugby.

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