Wednesday, 24 August 2016

West Ham Weconnaisance 41

Sorted out a bit of a route for when my mates visit next week and today is the day to try it out.  Trying to sort one that includes a bit of everything, hills, flats, a bit of scenery, seascape and of course places to stock up with fuel!

Animal Farm  Brean

Not much photographic about today. Made do with this entrance to the Animal Farm in Red Road Brean.  Good day out for the the kids (so I have been told) with hands on with the sheep, goats, llamas and even reptiles and creepy crawlies. 

Bleadon Nature Reserve

The last bit of the day was through the nature reserve near Bleadon.  The path has been resurfaced and is a bit rough in places but it makes a nice change from the busy A370 which is the alternative.  A bit blurry, but the derelict church and beacon at Uphill is in the distance.

41 miles today.  A bit more than was anticipated so will have to confer with Mick and Graham about that.

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