Friday, 26 August 2016

Churchill Chase 38

Another cracking day.  Rode over to Clevedon this afternoon to see my eldest daughter and extended the journey back by going through Congresbury, Churchill and Banwell.

Strawberry Line

Cut through from Congresbury to Yatton  on the Strawberry Line, not as many walkers/cyclists as expected.  The photo is more about the blue sky than the line itself. Mr Blue Sky was certainly in evidence today.

Had to stop!

Left my daughter's and also left my emergency ration Mars Bar on her table.  Going through Churchill by the church, spotted this invitation at a nearby house.  Victoria plums.  Could not refuse 5 of them beauties.  A bit wary of these as the tree I had in my previous house always had a good crop but were susceptible to wasps hiding in them.  None this time after carefully checking.

Actual mileage was 38 plus although the Strava did not get turned on at the start and only shows 37.  Enjoyed that today.

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