Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Old Gits Variation 27

Old Gits Day today.  Because of road works, there will be a road closure at Banwell which means we will not be able to climb up the worst hill this week. What a blow!  Such a nice day today, I started early and rode down the prom before meeting up with the others at Royal Sands.

On the Prom

Taking it easy first thing, went down to the Pier and turned round. Met my wife Sue walking in the opposite direction and she took this photo.  L to R, Paul, Les, me and Big Al who were also making their way to the start.  We went out through Bleadon and Loxton before getting on the Strawberry Line at Winscombe.  Tea and toast at the Caffles garden centre before heading back to Weston.  Loads of traffic on the trunk roads, no doubt heading towards the beach.

A very nice 27 today.

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