Saturday, 6 August 2016

Clevedon Cruise 35

Taking a jaunt over to Clevedon this morning for tea and toast with my eldest daughter Jacqueline.  Started early, just after 8, as it is a glorious morning and the wind is expected to pick up later.

Weston Promenade

A nice way to start the ride, down the prom.  It opens up past the beach huts and at 0800 there is little traffic to hinder progress. The odd running group and other cyclists. It will be a different story in 2/3 hours time when all the tourists hit town.

Clevedon drinking fountain

Being a Victorian town, there are a few of these around the town. This one is on the B3130 where it meets the Strode Road.  Unfortunately, the water faucet does not function any more.

Strawberry Line

Another view of the Strawberry Line, the old Cheddar to Clevedon Railway line.  This section is between Congresbury and Sanford.  Getting a bit overgrown in places at this time of year.  Not a bad thing as it looks as if the blackberries will be a bumper crop this year.  From here headed back to weston via Sanford and Banwell.

A nice ride today, reached the weekly target, in fact the 35 miles today made it 105 so far with a day to go.

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