Monday, 1 August 2016

Bleadon Hill 13

Rain stopped play today!  The plan was to do about 25 over the Mendips but 30 seconds into the ride, seriously, it started to rain. Dashed back to get a waterproof top and then went a ride over Bleadon Hill, on the western end of the Mendip Hills.  Surprisingly this route is becoming less of a challenge than it used to be. Must be doing something right.  The rain wasn't too bad in the end.

Pictures from New York

In the absence of any photos today, here are some taken from a recent trip to New York.  The first was seen by a little park opposite the UN building on 1st Avenue in Manhattan. The owner seems to determined that none shall take his bike or any of it.  I counted at least 7 locks including one that came from the Titanic anchor chain.  

Now if you don't take proper precautions, and leave your bike locked up unsupervised for a length of time, this is the result.  Despite two locks, the front wheel, brakes, and cables and saddle have gone.  This was on 9th Avenue.  At least they have left the paint on it.

Last, but not least, could not resist taking a clandestine shot of this middle aged Goth knitting.  He was using a circular needle, very impressive, and he had taken the wise precaution of padlocking his head on.  His parents must be very proud of him.  This was in Bryant park near the Central Library.

Back to taday's ride. Strava showed 10 miles but there is 3 to be added on for a trip into town before the start when it wasn't turned on.

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