Sunday, 31 July 2016

Catch up plus Brent Knoll Knavigated 17

Another good morning, the mission today is speed, not distance.  Going to circumnavigate Brent Knoll, a 'pimple' on the Somerset Levels.  Only about 300 feet high but not rideable at all.
Yesterday's ride did not make the blog so just a brief note, rode over Bleadon Hill, part of the Mendips and returned home via Sand Bay. Another 17 miler.  No photos or map on that one.

The good news is the laptop is back from Apple with a new video card in. It works OK but is a bit slow and needs the OS to be reloaded. Have tried that once this evening but a bit complicated so will have to do it over the phone with them tomorrow.  At least today's map and photo can go on.

Road Closed - again!

This was in Brent Village and looks like work to improve the entrance to the local school.  I had to morph into a pedestrian to get through.

Another 17 miles today.  Pleased with the speed as well, an average of 13.5 mph.  The total for the week was 125 so well pleased with that.  

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