Thursday, 21 July 2016

Ettington Effort 36

Up in Leamington for a coup;e of days, taking the opportunity for a ride out with Mick and Graham.  Met at Graham's and set off for Alderminster with a promise of a nice tea stop and some hills.  Couldnt wait for the first bit!

Royal Pump Rooms

These are the reason for Leamington's 'fame'. When natural mineral water with healing powers was discovered here, the Victorians flocked here and the place grew from a tiny hamlet to a very prosperous town.  This is the Pump Rooms, where bathing in the water took place during that period. For some reason, two of the columns are bedecked with knitting and crochet squares.  Odd.

 Tea for three

We left Leamington and headed for Alderminster via Barford, Wellesbourne, Loxley ( home of one of the big hills) and through Alderminster. Heading towards Ettington, we landed at Talton Mill where a farm and farm shop also boasts a very nice little tea room.  We plumped for tea and toasted tea cake and was served by a waitress who brought out a tray with this rintzy chintzy tea service on it.  No builder's tea in builder's mugs at this place.

Talton Mill

 A nice location, in the warm sunshine for our snack.  When it was time to leave, it was on the road to Ettington stopping at a little bridge over the River Stour to check out the bird life.  No kingfishers today unfortunately.

Sea Scouts ??

Newbold is about 60 miles from the sea but the River Stour is 100 yards away but is only about 10 feet wide.  Quite what this pack gets up to is a mystery.  On the journey back went past Ettington Hall (Big hill number 2) which wasn't too bad, at least the longish climb was in the shade of the trees.

Good ride out with a couple of good cycling buddies.  Covered 36 miles.


  1. 'Yarn bombed' is the phrase - please keep up!

  2. You learn something everyday. Thought my daughters had been at it, they are into crocheting at the moment!