Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Old Gits Roasting 23

Out with the Old Gits, 14 of us, charging around the leafy lanes of North Somerset in 88 degrees of heat. Cant beat it!  Doing the bi weekly 'reverse route' to Sand Bay, Hewish for tea and toast and back towards Banwell and Weston.  At the end, 3 of us just had to call into the Railway Station Inn helping a fourth Old Git wait for a train, twice!

Road Closed

A slight movement of one of the barriers let the hordes through.  We did close it up again afterwards. Quite why the road was completely closed for about a mile was a mystery.


After an hours chin wag accompanied by tea and toast, it was hard to get moving again. What did help was the thought of creating our own breeze as we rode along was useful.  We cerainly needed those big umbrellas today in the fierce sun.

A cracking 23 miles today.

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