Sunday, 17 July 2016

Burnham Backwards 31

Don't often do this circuit anticlockwise, when you do, it is amazing how much different it looks. A really nice sunny morning, a tad windy but no bother.

Great Western Ride

This was an event I did last year, and would have liked to have repeated. Unfortunately a holiday got in the way and the fitness levels would have been much reduced after 12 days cruising!  It was held today, 56,62 or 80 miles. I covered part of the route on today's excursion and gave a wave and a nod to those who had not got their heads bent down over the handlebars. (And there was a few of them). The finish point, seen in the photo is only a few hundred yards from where I live so had to go down and ramp up the envy levels.

31 miles today. Well chuffed, 104 for the week, not bad after a lay off.

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