Thursday, 14 July 2016

Bleadon Awful ! 12

First ride for a fortnight (apart from the few miles in New York) and it felt like it. Glorious morning so went out over the Mendips near Bleadon which was quite challenging both on the legs and the undercarriage!  Went out through Uphill, Bleadon, Hutton, Locking and back into Weston.

Somerset Levels

Going over the hill from Bleadon, took the opportunity to have a breather at George Wall's bench.  A good friend and farmer according to the plaque on the bench. He died in 1997 aged 72 and someone has dedicated this seat to him and it is placed in a lovely spot overlooking the Somerset Levels.  You can see Brent Knoll in the middle distance on the left and far distance on the right is North Devon. Just the one photo today.

A modest 12 miles today, just the right distance to get the legs going again.


  1. Come on Ken, you can manage a little more than 12 miles! Too many of Her Majesty's cream teas perhaps?
    Look forward to seeing you in due course.

  2. You would have thought so Mick. Despite the good food for 12 days my scales are reading 3 lb less than when the voyage started! If you are free next Thursday, make a note in your diary for a ride out. Will be in touch.

  3. OK Ken. Had a ride with Graham this morning and we were suggesting meeting at his house next Thursday at 9am for a ride. Can you make that?

  4. Just the job Mick. Graham has the token!