Saturday, 18 June 2016

Weston Wings 4

Busy busy day today with the annual Weston Airshow on this weekend.  The place is packed, the beaches are full of cars and the weather is kind, high cloud, no rain.  Not much time this morning for cycling but took the opportunity whilst shopping to have a quick look round for any photo ops.

Air Sea Rescue

I suppose very necessary that these guys are in the neighbourhood when numerous aircraft are performing over the Severn Estuary.  Manned by RAF personnel these units give a valuable service to anyone unfortunate enough to come to grief on or near the sea.  These were 'parked' on the Beach Lawns next to the prom and the beach.


These two were seen wandering down the prom dressed as Civil War personnel. They were having a stroll round prior to a Civil War reenactment battle later on in the day.  They did admit that after a battle they often go home licking their wounds! Each to his own I say.

World War II vehicles

In US Army livery, a jeep, the workhorse of the GI and a 10 ton truck. Part of a display of military vehicles that were around this weekend.

Star Wars

As far removed from the Civil War as you could get, these two were promoting an event and the Storm Trooper insisted on posing on my bike. As my Dad used to say, "Never disagree with a Storm Trooper."

The Airshow

Could not resist putting some photos on of the show itself. These were taken from my balcony so we did have a very priviliged view of it all.  The first two are the Red Arrows display team, at their very best it has to be said.  The last one is a Wing Walking display that reminded me to get some travel sickness pills for my next holiday.

Only 4 miles today. Must try harder tomorrow!

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