Sunday, 19 June 2016

Burnham Breeze 30

An easy ride down to Burnham today.  Not a good day for the air show, quite low cloud, a bit drizzly and the Red Arrows are not appearing today.  That is fairly evident by the attendance figures!  Nothing worth photographing on the ride today but following on from yesterday, a couple of pictures taken of aircraft.  No more after this, promise.


Never seen one of these before, an RAF Typhoon. Designed and produced in the nineties by a consortium of European countries, 600 of these have been made and is used by a few national air forces.  Highly manoeuvrable, it gave an impressive display yesterday and it was the noisiest of all the aircraft on display.  An awesome machine.


An American flying boat of the 30s and 40s, these planes were used extensively in World War II.  No longer in active military service, they are still used all over the world as a fire fighting machine.

Nice easy ride today, enjoyed it.  Reached the weekly target with the 30 miles covered.

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