Thursday, 9 June 2016

Burnham Browse 30

An evening ride, on one of my favourite circuits, a bit unusual for me but very enjoyable in the warm evening sun.

Bovine Bravado

Getting towards Mark, these bunch of cattle were gathered at the gate, I think, waiting for my appearance.  They gazed in awe at my Marmite cycling top until the one on the left spoilt the moment by declaring that he hadn't seen this type of front brake arrangement for many a year.  


The perils of rushing to get the hay back to the barn quickly.  This lot had come off where Red Road in Berrow, meets the Wick Road.  A nasty T junction this, right on the apex of a fairly acute bend.  Cars were backed up in all directions as the tractor tried to get the huge bales back on the trailer.  In my unprofessional opinion, the driver was travelling too fast for the bend with this as the end result.  The folk on the double decker bus were not amused when they found out it would take at least 30 mins to clear it.  At least I could get through.

Another 30 miles clocked up today.

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