Saturday, 2 April 2016

Churchill Chase 29

Looks like spring is nearly here. Lovely morning today so headed east for a circuit to take in Congresbury, Wrington and Churchill and return through Banwell.

The Little Red Beetle

Last time I did this route and went through Wrington, the tea stop was at the local Post Office and as there were no seats, had to stand on the pavement and have the drink.  Later found out there was a tea room 100 yards further on!  Not to be caught out this time, went into the Little Red Beetle tea rooms and had a mug of tea and a slice of toast.  Quite reasonably priced and a nice ambience about the shop.  A perfect place to go if you like needlework, there are various courses and demos on offer at the shop.  I declined.

All Saints Church  Wrington

A lovely old church. It is a grade 1 listed building and has 13th century foundations and the tower was added around 1450. The bells used to chime every 15 minutes, all through the night, until a noise abatement order was served on the church in 2012. It now chimes on the hour!

The Joys of Motoring

If you travel on the M5 immediately after the Easter break, this is what you get; wall to wall cars heading away from the coast.  Taken near Banwell looking north towards the Midlands.

A good ride this morning. Just short of 29 miles.


  1. We both seem to be attracted to churches as photographic subjects. Your saddle appears to be tilted slightly upward. In the past, when I've had mine like that, it caused me a lot of discomfort.

  2. Never had saddle trouble Ray. We are obviously built differently! I do like churches as a subject. Not always easy to get them all in but the history of them is fascinating as well.