Thursday, 31 March 2016

Stoneleigh Saunter 27

Second day of riding from Leamington.  Meeting up with Mick from Coventry and doing a circuit of Warwick and Leamington, calling in on Graham who is recovering from a trip to hospital.  A frosty start to the morning which soon cleared and the sun warmed up nicely during our ride. To add a few miles on, did Warwick and Leamington and made our way out to Cubbington and Stoneleigh where Mick and I parted company after going through Stoneleigh Abbey.

Jephson Gardens

These gardens are a bit of a treasure, right in the centre of Leamington and were bequethed to the town by the Willes family in 1836.  In 1846 a local committee meeting decided that the land be renamed Jephson Gardens in honour of Dr Henry Jephson who helped to promote the healing properties of the town's spa waters and built houses for the town's poor residents.
They are very well kept and the smell of these hyacinths were almost overpowering as we rode past them.
Sorry about the slightly blurry image Mick, something on the lens.

After tea and victoria sponge at Graham's house nearby we carried on in the sunshine. My total for today was a tad under 27 miles.

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