Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Old Gits Grind 20

And grind it was!  Persistent rain, a strong headwind and the obstacle that was a road closure.
During the winter months, we tend to head south every other week to Burnham. It makes a change and the roads, very busy in the summer, are normally fairly quiet.  The watering hole of choice is a Wetherspoons, right on the sea front at Burnham, and the prices are very reasonable with free refills for drinks. (That came in handy today).
I was a bit late for the meet at 8.45 so dashed to catch them up.  Taking the normal route, encountered  a road closure on the Wick Road, and this was a closure. A 4' deep, 3' wide ditch across the width of the road pretty well insurmountable until the workmen carried the bike across. An ideal photo op except it was too dang cold and wet to get the camera out. The workmen had not seen the rest of the Old Gits and uncertainty crept in that they had actually left or even turned up on this horrible morning. All was well though as caught up with them in Berrow.
Stayed longer than usual at Wetherspoons waiting for the rain to give over, and this is where the coffee refills came into their own. Nicely refreshed, the rain had stopped when we departed and the wind blew us home for 90% of the way back.
Another 20 miles to add to the log.

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