Monday, 29 February 2016

Wick St Lawerence Loop 17

Got caught out a bit today.  Spent an hour first thing doing a bit of bike maintenance outside and was suprised how warm it was.  Forgetting the fact it was fairly sheltered at the time, went out for a spin round with not so much warm clothing on as was needed. Half way round decided to abandoned the original plan and head for home.

In Golden Arches.

Taking the loop through Wick, my fingers were numb.  A small diversion led to the MacDonalds at Worle and a cup of hot chocolate. Just what the doctor ordered, this is the view from my window seat. Not very inspiring but it was warm in there!  Made the last few miles a lot more comfortable.

Just over 17 miles today.  The forecast for tomorrow's ride with the Old Gits is not too clever, heavy rain.

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  1. Yes,it wasn't too warm out there today,I went out to Uphill,over the Reserve,then back out to Anchor Head for a hot drink. My feet are like blocks of ice here!