Monday, 1 February 2016

Windy Weston 2

Poor show today.  No map, no photos although in all fairness, only did a couple of miles into town.
The forecast was strong winds gusting up to 45 mph and I suppose a clue as to how fierce the wind actually was could be had by watching the gulls flying along the beach. 180 mph from left to right, 2.5 mph in the opposite direction.
There was a need to get out, the gears on the Peugot needed adjusting and there is a little independant mechanic in town; somewhere!  I rode down to find him and seek some advice but after a quick look and a bit of a buffeting along the prom, gave the exercise up as a bad job.  This will go down as a couple of miles.  More calories were used getting dressed and undressed than on the actual ride.
Out with the Old Gits in the morning, it would be nice if Mrs Nature calmed down a bit.

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