Friday, 29 January 2016

Taunton Tailwind 32

Another train ride today.  This time, down to Taunton and back along the A38.  A fairly strong wind from the south may have influenced the decision making process on that one.  Rode back through Bridgwater, Highbridge and Burnham on Sea.  The forecast was dry, which it was, but did not forsee the very wet roads, from earlier rain, around Bridgwater. Not too pleasant with no mudguards on the bike!

Weston Super Mare Station

This is stuck in the 50s, an old fashioned Station which is on a loop line from the main Bristol Plymouth line.  Fortunately, most trains call at Platform 2, regardless of which way they are travelling which cuts out the need to carry the bike up and over the lines.  Just two carriages today, neither of which had provision for bikes so had to clutter up the doorway and move it at the couple of stops before Taunton.

Taunton Station

Could not get away with an easy exit from the platform. The line is higher than the road so whichever platform is used, it means going down two flights of stairs. A clever device at the top of the stairs is triggered by movement and a speaker on the wall tells passengers to use the handrail for safety.

Bay View Cafe Burnham

Used the A38 through Taunton and Bridgwater and although a major trunk road is not too busy with traffic as the M5 runs virtually alongside it. Nothing too exciting to photograph on the way back.  Called in at Burnham at this cafe on the promenade and had cheese on toast and a cup of tea. This was at 21 miles so the last 11 were a bit of a doddle to be honest.

Burnham on Sea

Just a general view across the sand flats at Burnham.  On a clear day North Devon, including Hinckley Point nuclear station, and Wales are easily seen.

A nice ride despite getting a bit splattered from surface water. 32 miles covered today.

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