Monday, 4 January 2016

Kewstoke Kicker 12

The weather seems to have calmed down a bit, far less wind and rain today so after lunch went for a short ride to Sand Bay.  The forecast was pretty good for the afternoon although rain was expected around 3pm.  That was quite accurate, I got back at 3.15, just as it started.

Citroen 'H' van

The Savoy Hotel, on the front at Weston must use this old Citroen van as an advertising tool.  Never seen this one on the road though.  These vans were made in France and Belgium from the end of WWII to 1981.  The registration on this one indicates it is a 1975 model.

Sand Bay Salt Marsh

Photo taken from the end of the road that terminates at Sand Point, the salt marsh covers an extensive part of the beach and is a SSSI. A very popular spot with birdwatchers, dog walkers and horse riders due to the extensive sandy beach exposed for most of the time.  There were extensive floods here in 1981 which prompted a sea wall being built using sand and gravel dredged from the Bristol Channel.


Talking of floods, had to content with this little stretch of road along the sea road at Sand Bay. No need to call out the Army, this was only a couple of inches deep, but does show how much rain has fallen recently.

The Cliffs Cafe

Sad old place this is.  Just looked on Trip Advisor and the last entry in April 2013 was very uncomplimentary, no wonder it has closed down.  Such a nice position as well, overlooking the sea and Wales.  Possibly the big problem with the place is lack of parking facilities being out of town.

Nice little ride out today, 12 plus miles, in preparation for tomorrow's Old Gits outing.

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