Saturday, 7 November 2015

Taunton Trot 33

Travelled by train to Taunton and cycled back to Weston via Bridgewater and Highbridge. Chose today to do this one as the wind was fairly blustery from the south this morning, right behind me. The weather forecast was pretty accurate as well, a couple of showers to contend with but nothing too serious.

On the train

Bikes travel free on trains with the proviso that the guard has the final say as to whether you can get on or not.  I should think during rush hour it could be a bit tricky.  The carriage I was in today had a special section for bikes, with space for four in all and proper racks to put the wheels in. That's what can be classed as a Proper Job.

Taunton Station

Not much to say about this. It is a railway station a little way outside the town centre.

Wicker Man - again!

Did this one for real some weeks ago. If you have travelled on the M5 around the Bridgewater area, you must have seen the Wicker Man standing next to the M5 near to Junction 23.  The original artist has just refurbished the statue as his left thigh and belly were looking a bit tatty. This picture is part of a mural that celebrates icons of Somerset.  It was on a bridge near the centre of Taunton.

Somerset Crown and County Court.

This was also near the town centre. A fine old building that houses the justice needs of Somerset.

The White Cottage

Situated on the A38, just south of Highbridge is this pub.  They do a very good lunch meal, reasonably priced and I can recommend this, if you are passing, from personal experience after a very good meal here a couple of weeks ago.

Strava says 31 but this is going in my book as 32 as the mile to the station hasn't been recorded.  Have to get these thing right you know!

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