Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Old Gits Day 24

Usual suspects doing the usual route.  The weather forecast was a bit iffy but in actual fact it was very pleasant out there today. No rain, a slight wind and surprisingly warm for November.  Not a bad turn out either.

Another puncture

Not me this time. This was caused by some glass, some miles back, which finally caused a deflation whilst riding through Thatcher's cider orchard.  Many hands make light work and job soon sorted. 

 Apple Picking

Seen in a field off Puxton Lane near Sandford, a tractor, complete with a tree shaker attachment, removing all the apples from the trees.  Driving up and down the rows the operator clamps the vice like jaws on the tree trunk and shakes in violently for a few seconds. At this time of year the crop falls off very easily waiting to be scooped up later.

Put this one down as 24 miles today.

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